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 How much can I expect to get for my Racking?

The price of racking is determine by 3 things:


  • Has the rack been dismantled?
  • Has the rack been packed and strapped?
  • Is the racking easily accessible for forklift?


  • Racking from industry leaders such as Dexion and Colby is always in demand and therefore commands higher second hand prices than racking from lesser known suppliers.  It is not uncommon for an installation to have more than one brand of racking installed.


  • Has the rack been well maintained?
  • Is there visible damage to uprights or beams?
  • As no two sites are identical, it is impossible to give an estimate of the value of racking unless it is inspected. Click Here to Contact Us online to arrange a free quote.

 Do you buy back more than racking?

Yes, warehouses often have other items such as safety gates, racking guards, mezzanine floors and conveyors.

 What is the smallest amount of racking that you would buy back?

Generally, our minimum buy back would be $, unless the buy back is part of a relocation that we are undertaking.

 Can the work be done after hours?

Yes, but as this would involve additional costs to us, the price we could give you would be reduced accordingly.

If you would like to find out more about Racking Buy Backs or any of our Pallet Racking Services, contact us online Today for an obligation free consultation.
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