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 Warehouse Storage

Businesses often struggle due to poor inventory management systems in their warehouses and industrial sites. An ineffective supply change could hurt your business operations overall. One straightforward racking solution for solving this crisis in your warehouse would be to revamp your warehouse storage from top to bottom. Yes, you can do that, and we have the perfect warehouse racking products lined up for you.

Not only do we have a wide range of storage racking systems for sale, but we sell second-hand pallet racking too! XS Racking, remember the name whenever your company needs a reliable distributor of pallet racking products in Sydney.

XS Racking - Giving You A Robust Warehouse Storage Option

Over the years, industries have gradually accepted pallet racking systems in their warehouses and storage units. These warehouse storage systems' design and working mechanisms are best suited for large areas. So if your company has recently moved into a new warehouse location or is thinking about redesigning, getting a second-hand warehouse shelving or revamping the inventory system, let us know. We can supply you with branded warehouse racking products in Sydney. Besides, we also help you redesign the existing pallet racking system in your industrial site.

At XS Racking, we have a broad range of services for our clients across Sydney.

  • Design Service
  • Installation
  • Dismantle
  • Repairs
  • Rack Audits
  • Trade-ins & Buy Backs

Reasons Why You Should Get Pallet Racking System

Imagine cutting all the inefficiency, clutter, and disorganisation of your supply chain by installing a new pallet racking system. You can have this incredible system in your warehouse too. XS Racking can do everything, from supply to installation and safety inspection to maintenance. We bring the complete package to companies operating in and around Sydney.
  • Your staff can quickly move the pallets up and off of the floor.
  • With our warehouse storage products, you will be utilising the maximum space at the warehouse.
  • Enjoy a seamless loading and picking of cartons in these pallet racking systems.
  • In general, you will see a much-improved worker efficiency around your warehouse. All thanks to our warehouse pallet racking services!

We urge our clients to go through our collection of warehouse pallet racking systems available for sale! Here is some more information regarding the pallet racking system, which would help you make a better decision for your company's operations!

Pallet Racking

At XS Racking we buy and sell a wide range of second-hand Pallet Racking.

This enables us to provide our customers with compatible racking at competitive prices.

We have a HUGE range of Pallet Racking available, ranging from Selective Racking to Drive-In Racking, Double Deep, Narrow Aisle, Carton Live and Cantilever. The Pallet Racking brands currently in stock include Dexion, Colby and Schaefer just to name a few.

Our stock is changing constantly, so we recommend customers Contact Us with their requirements.

Warehouse Pallet Racking Safety

OHS compliance is essential for every enterprise and company out there. So, if you want to comply with all the Australian Safety Standards in your warehouse, we can help you with Rack Audits. Our professional team will assess the existing condition of your warehouse storage system and recommend you the necessary changes.

Pallet Racking Maintenance & Repairs

As we all know, pallet racking is kind of susceptible to damages over a while due to forklifts or other similar equipment. If your inventory system suffers the same fate, you can come to us. XS Racking delivers cost-effective maintenance and repairs service in Sydney. Isn’t that amazing? We have pallet racking systems for sale, and we also provide maintenance and repairs service to warehouses!

We Also Buy Back Your Old Racking System

Many companies are dying to buy cheap warehouse racking products off the market. But they often don’t get the right product they are searching for. Similarly, on the other hand, many companies are looking to offload their old pallet racking equipment for a fair price. And XS Racking is the company that helps them both.

We buy old racking and shelving products from Sydney companies for a reasonable price. Therefore, you will find a vast collection of second-hand pallet racking systems at our site!


At XS Racking we also sell and stock an extensive range of Shelving that is extremely robust, cost-effective and are available at competitive prices.

Our high-quality Shelving ranges from Cool room Shelving to Office Shelving, Long Span Shelvin and Rolled Upright Type (RUT).

If you would like to find out more about our economical and efficient Storage solutions, please click here to Contact Us Today!
Second Hand Pallet Racking and Shelving Solutions - Ensuring you Get the Most out of your Warehouse Storage
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