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Already know what you need?
If you already know what you require, simply follow our guidelines regarding  measurement and contact us.  If you aren't sure what you need, or would like to discuss your options, please contact us on 02 9722 6444.

Matching your existing beams?
When replacing or adding beams to your existing racking, it is essential that the length of the beam is specified correctly.  Providing us with the name of the manufacturer, and/or a photograph accompanied by an accurate measurement will greatly assist us in matching your beam exactly

I have standard size beams, why do I need to measure them?
If you have existing racking or shelving, even a few millimetres can be the difference between the new beams fitting correctly and them being unusable.  The way standard beams are measured does vary between manufacturers.  It is also not uncommon for beams to have been adapted or modified - which may also contribute to your standard beam being not quite 'standard'

Is there a minimum quantity?
Yes.  The minimum quantity for  us to process an order for non-standard beams is 10 beams.

What if the beams you supply don't fit my racking?
We will make your beams to your specification.  It is your responsibility to ensure the measurements you supply to us are accurate.  We will not accept returns for beams made to your specifications.

How to measure your beam

Make sure you include the thickness of the metal, as outlined in the photograph on the left above

Ensure you measure from this point on the left hand side of the beam to the corresponding point on the right hand side.

Still not sure?
Bring a beam in with your to our warehouse and we will measure it for you.

Matching existing Racking