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Warehouse Racking Solutions - Buy Pallet Racking Systems In Sydney

Making the most of your space

Don’t you hate walking into a warehouse that’s poorly organised? Not only does it hurt business operations, but it hurts the cost of running the warehouse in general. Imagine having people on your company’s payroll who don’t have the means to properly organise the inventory. You may have top-quality material handling equipment and highly trained professionals working for you. But without the right pallet racking system, you cannot harness the actual benefits of your spacious warehouse, which at the moment, doesn’t look much big at all.

But you can change that entirely by coming to us for racking solutions and for second-hand racking and shelving! XS Racking is what your business warehouse needs. Not only can you buy pallet racking, Office storage, Warehouse storage products that are premium quality, but you can expect a whole variety of pallet racking systems at our place. We have been providing first-class services to Sydney for over a decade now. XS Racking has everything that you need, and our prices are affordable too! 

Aside from selling new and second-hand pallet racking products, we also provide pallet racking inspection.

Comprehensive Warehouse Pallet Racking Solutions By XS Racking

As your commercial business grows more significant in stature, the need for additional warehouses also grows. If you have recently bought, leased, or rented a warehouse, you should buy pallet racking systems from us. Not only that, but we can offer you complete racking solutions at competitive prices. We can help design the racking system, supply you with the appropriate pallet racking products and lend you a hand in its installation too!

  • Pallet Racking Systems are designed to solve warehouse storage issues in general.
  • Get the most out of your warehouse space with our racking solutions.
  • It’s easy to load, pick and transport pallets or cartons through these racking systems.
  • The overall productivity and efficiency of your warehouse operations will see a massive bump.

Or maybe you have an existing warehouse that needs a bit of shuffling in its layout. Well, we can help you out in redesigning your old layout. So, your company can utilise the maximum space available in your warehouse. Imagine a better managed and accessible inventory system in your industrial storage facility. Wouldn’t that be great? Come to the XS Racking site in Sydney and get a tailor-made racking solution from us!

Buy Our Pallet Racking Products. We Have Lots Of Options

Since 2010, XS Racking has delivered services to large warehouses across the Sydney region. Whether your company needs a new racking system or a second-hand one, we can supply you with these products at wholesale rates. That’s because we have extensive range of these pallet racking systems on our Moorebank site. You will see products from Dexion, Colby, Schaefer and many other household names at XS Racking.

What kind of systems do we have on sale, do you ask? You can buy pallet racking products of the following methods in Sydney -

  • Selective Pallet Racking
  • Drive-In Pallet Racking
  • Double Deep Racking
  • Narrow Aisle Racking Solution
  • Carton Live Storage
  • Cantilever Pallet Racking

With more and more businesses heavily investing in their supply chain systems, it’s only natural to see an increase in the demand for intelligent pallet racking systems in warehouses. So, in case, your company is interested in having one of the above-mentioned racking solutions in your Sydney warehouse, then call XS Racking today!

Consider These Things While Buying A Pallet Racking Product In Sydney

Designing a racking system for your warehouse is no joke. You have to consider many things to have the most suitable pallet racking system in your warehouse. Besides, it’s too risky to buy pallet racking systems without knowing the ABCs of the said system. Leave that responsibility to us. We will quickly educate you on finding the ideal pallet racking system in Sydney!

  • First order of your racking business, count the number of palletised SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).
  • Then, have a rough idea of how many pallets you want to keep in your racking system.
  • Next comes the part where you should decide the dimensions of the pallet, which will allow you to utilise the entire space inside the warehouse.
  • Then there's the pallet's weight and the importance of the material that you have to consider.
  • Besides that, you have to check what type of product will be stored, the order of inventory retrieval used, and the turn-over time of those goods in your warehouse.

Our professional team can help you design the most efficient and time-saving inventory racking system in your industrial site or the warehouse. Just call us today and have us inspect your area for further negotiations. We are confident that our racking solution would help straighten out your supply chain problems.

We Buy Back Racking Systems In Sydney

That’s right! XS Racking understands the importance of recirculating and reusing the old pallet racking systems across the industry. Many companies are dying to get their hands on second-hand warehouse racking products. But many of them are sceptical about the build quality, condition, pricing, and other issues of second-hand & used racking systems. But this is precisely where we come in with our buy-backs service.

XS Racking is always looking to buy back pallet racking products from various clients around Sydney. And rest assured, we pay a reasonable price for this! You will get a price for your second-hand racking system depending upon the following conditions -

  • Accessibility
  • Brand
  • Condition

Learn more about our buy-back racking systems on our website.

XS Racking Provides Pallet Racking Inspection Services!

Investing in installing a state-of-the-art pallet racking system is a huge deal for every company. That’s why you should also implant a little bit more in the maintenance and safety audit when you buy a pallet racking system in Sydney. Doing this will ensure that the newly installed racking system is sustained over a long period. Thus, you can use it for your inventory management and other operations for years to come.

And the best way to ensure a safety audit would be to get our pallet racking inspection service. We have provided all the information related to this service on the website, so check it out. It’s essential to know all the distinct parameters that a warehouse manager needs to comply with regarding the AS4084-2012 Australian Standard!

Additional Services At XS Racking!

  • Pallet Racking Maintenance & Repair
  • Supply Of Matching Existing Beams
  • Office Storage Solutions
  • Plastic Storage Bins
  • Shelving

As you can see, we have everything that your company needs in terms of racking solutions. Not only do we supply new and second-hand products, but we also buy back racking systems and provide pallet racking inspection service!

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Our Services

Purchasing a new warehouse

We can provide you with complete racking solutions, from design and supply to delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance of your system.

Maximise the storage potential of your existing site

Our design staff will look at your current layout of warehouse racking and determine the best use of the available space, including the design and installation of Raised Storage Areas (RSA).

Relocating your existing warehouse

We can dismantle your existing site and deliver and install it at your new place. As we take the time to work with you and plan your move, we can ensure that any additional racking required to finish your new site is supplied.

Selling your Racking
We are always looking for suitable quality used racking and shelving. Phone or email us today, and we will arrange for one of the salesmen to assess the racking and provide you with a firm price.

Making the most of your space