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    Second hand Racking and Shelving Resources For Sale - Warehouse Storage Solutions In Sydney


    Any business that deals with storing goods and products in its warehouse needs the proper shelving and racking infrastructure. But often more than not, it isn’t easy to pick the most suitable system for a particular type of warehouse. Every business has its unique demands for supply chain and inventory management. Thus, your company should be cautious while buying either shelving or a pallet racking system for your storage area. If you want, we can supply you with second-hand warehouse shelving at a price that won’t hurt your pockets.
    You get a quality-tested shelving product for your warehouse, and it won’t put a dent in your business revenues. Buying second-hand racking and shelving products is a smart option, especially for companies running low on budget. Besides, XS Racking has a broad-ranging category for second-hand warehouse shelving systems for sale. 

    And you are mistaken if you believe that shelves are only designed to be used around warehouses. XS Racking has provided affordable second-hand warehouse racking and shelving units to Sydney's countless offices and small industrial units! 

    XS Racking - Designing Warehouse Storage Racking & Shelving In Sydney

    Bill Case and Graham Urquhart started this brilliant venture back in 2010 to fulfil the growing demand of companies requiring warehouse storage solutions. We identified the need for a supplier that sells second-hand racking and shelving products to companies looking for cheaper storage. Thanks to our years of dedication, challenging work, and passion, we were able to make a name for ourselves around Sydney.

    Whenever any company needs a reliable supply of second-hand warehouse shelving or pallet racking products, they always turn to us. XS Racking has all the necessary licenses and permits to distribute Sydney's second-hand racking and shelving systems.

    Here are the types of shelving products at our Bankstown, NSW site for sale!

    Coolroom Shelving

    Coolroom shelving is designed to store items in Cool Rooms, Kitchens, bottle shops, hospitals, nurseries, and associated industries.

    Features of Coolroom Shelving

    • Variety of standard sizes
    • Zinc plated beams
    • Double-Sided frames
    • Wire Mesh shelves lift on and off the beams
    • Strong and Durable
    • No tools are required so installation is quick and easy

    Long Span Shelving

    This system provides you with long, uninterrupted spans, with shelf lengths from 1800mm to 2400mm long. The shelves can be either steel or chipboard, with depths ranging from 400 through to 1200 mm deep. Some people have likened Long Span shelving to mini pallet racking as its beams clip into frames and boards slip into recesses in the beams or are screwed down. Unlike pallet racking, the beams are thinner and the uprights narrower, and the load capacity is considerably less than that of pallet racking.

    Features of Long Span Shelving

    • Freestanding
    • Shelf levels are adjustable
    • Additional bays can be added easily
    • No bolts make for fast and easy installation or reconfiguration
    • Ideal storage for long and bulky items

    Rolled Upright Type (RUT) Shelving

    RUT Shelving is made up of solid backs and solid uprights. The uprights have a rolled front to ensure that there are no sharp edges, ensuring not only safety but providing additional strength and a stylish finish.

    Features of RUT Shelving

    • Top and Bottom shelves are bolted
    • Middle shelves are clipped, with adjustments within 25mm increments possible
    • The basic shelf components can make single bays or be joined together to form multiple bays
    • Units can be built back-to-back utilising common back and side panels
    • Provides clearly defined areas for different stock items
    • Available in a variety of colours and sizes
    You will love our used shelving products. We put each of our second-hand warehouse shelving’s through rigorous testing before putting them on sale. So, rest assured, you will receive the best warehouse storage solutions at XS Racking in Sydney!

    Expert Designing & Flawless Installation

    Companies usually need assistance with their inventory management and storage facility setup. When you buy our second-hand racking and shelving products, you can hire us for their installation work. That’s right. XS Racking knows how much of a hassle it is for your staff to manually set up the shelving or pallet racking system. Well, you can leave the job to our experienced and certified technicians! Aside from the effortless installation of pallet racking and shelving units, we can help you design the entire storage system from scratch. Buying or leasing a warehouse and setting up a storage system inside it is not a joke. It takes time, expertise, and the right personnel for the job. XS Racking can help you design a new layout for your warehouse and supply you with second-hand warehouse shelving units Isn’t that great? Killing two birds with one stone, call our team today and get the ball rolling!

    We Buy Back Second hand Racking and Shelving Units In Sydney!

    At XS Racking, you can buy second-hand warehouse shelving products and sell a few of your own to us too! We understand the burden of offloading old equipment and racking systems, especially in an area like Sydney. That’s why we have a service called Buy Backs, in which our team pays you money for your second-hand shelving and racking equipment in Sydney! 

    We will consider the following aspects of your old warehouse storage unit to determine a buying price.
    • Accessibility
    • Brand
    • Condition. 
    Read more about these terms on the XS Racking website! If you would like to find out more about our Shelving Solutions or any of our Warehouse Storage Services, contact us online today for an obligation free consultation.

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